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Solar Pool Heating

Posted by Derek Robson on Monday, October 10, 2011, In : Solar Panels 
If you are lucky and have never paid to heat a pool with a conventional gas or electric pool heater than you may be shocked at how high the costs can be. They can easily run up to several hundred dollars a month, which is why so many people are now looking into solar powered pool heaters.

The governments of some countries and states have incentive schemes in place to subsidise and reward people who convert to solar energy in an attempt to save the negative impact on the world, so check on this...
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Solar Energy As A Viable Alternative Energy Source

Posted by Derek Robson on Monday, July 19, 2010, In : Solar Panels 
Photovoltaic cells are those black squares on a solar panel. These have been the most expensive parts of a solar panel, making solar panels beyond the reach of most folks, but now at last, the prices have recently dropped, making solar panels a more affordable means of alternative energy.

These cells are not only becoming less expensive, but also more efficient, thanks to increasingly better designs, which allow them to focus the gathered sunlight on a more and more concentrated point.

The siz...
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How To Make Your Own Solar Power For The Home

Posted by Derek Robson on Monday, June 21, 2010, In : Solar Panels 
Save money and energy and help to save our planet, by building your own

Many homeowners are turning towards alternative solutions to meeting their energy needs, because of the rising energy costs sweeping the world. Solar power for the home is one way that a lot of people are saving money.

Having solar power installed in the home, may be a very expensive undertaking, if performed by an expert. A lot of people however, are not aware that they can put in solar panels by themselves. It is not ne...
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Basics of Solar Power for Producing Electricity

Posted by Derek Robson on Thursday, November 26, 2009, In : Solar Panels 
Solar power works well for most items, except large electric appliances that use an electric heat element such as a water heater, clothes dryer and electric stove, for example, or total electric home heating systems. It is not cost effective to use solar power for these items.

Conversion to natural gas, propane or other alternatives is usually recommended. Solar power can be used to operate a gas clothes dryer (Maytag, etc) because the electrical requirement is limited to the drum-motor and/o...
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Sunny South Africa Seems To Be Ignoring Their Solar Power Potential

Posted by Derek Robson on Friday, November 6, 2009, In : Solar Panels 
I found this article recently and thought it was very interesting, particularly with the shortage of power in ther country and the ridiculous tariff increases proposed by ESKOM.

Even though South Africa is known for it's sunshine and warmth, a lack of good government policy has caused solar energy to be left behind locally. So says Solar World Congress chairman Jon Adams.

The upcoming International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Solar World Congress, in Johannesburg, will see the unveiling of a l...
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Free Solar Panels

Posted by Derek Robson on Monday, October 26, 2009, In : Solar Panels 
With the present recession, rabid unemployment, awareness of pollution and soaring power prices, more and more people are looking to alternative means of power.

Some countries have expressed interest in the possibility of being able to provide hundreds of homes, in certain areas, with solar electricity, through the placement of free solar panels on each home.

These plans may seem like a waste of time to many people, as it is every home that needs a solar panel if the aim is to help the environm...
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