There are many ways in which you can receive cheap gas and electricity for homes or businesses and a number of methods specifically related to how to lower home energy or electricity bills, by using less gas and electricity from your supplier.

A more popular choice for finding cheap gas and electricity services is through the use of online comparison services, which will compare the many different gas and electricity companies in the market today.

These companies also have the ability to not only compare gas and electricity bills, but can also offer you cheap, or cheaper; water bills, insurance, loans, phone/broadband packages, credit cards etc.

Some comparison websites can quickly search the numerous gas and electricity, water and heating suppliers, in order to show you a range of cheaper quotes to what you currently pay.

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Now we shall look at the alternative ways in which we can save money on home energy bills, not relating to switching to cheap gas and electric supplies.

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Using gas or electricity can be a very pricey solution for heating our homes and businesses, and it is advised that you turn your gas, electric or heating thermostats down by just a couple of degrees, to make a saving on home energy bills.

Switching off appliances can provide cheaper electricity bills. More simple solutions to save energy and provide you with cheap gas and electricity bills, include switching appliances off when not in use, unplugging phone chargers when not in use and switching off lights. We also advise the use of energy saving light bulbs, to lower your energy consumption, and energy bills.

If you are in a financial position to be able invest in alternative energy technologies, which will reduce your dependence on the gas and electricity industry, while still providing cheap, clean and free power for your home, then why not take a look into solar panels, or wind turbines.

These alternative energy sources are a great alternative to industry supplied gas and electricity for the home and solutions such as solar and wind  are natural resources able to offer more affordable priced electricity bills, due to the very competitive energy market.

There are also many other alternative energ forms. Whether you are interested in solar panels, solar heating, wind generators, wind turbines, hydro electric generators, bio-diesel, petrol substitutes, fuel additives or anything else you can think of, then you should check our product directory. You will find more information, books, DIY plans and more.

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