Happy New Year!

Dersalsites and their subsidiary websites takes this opportunity to wish all our readers, subscribers, clients, customers and friends a very happy New Year. May 2011 prove to be peaceful, profitable and rewarding.

It is time to make New Year resolutions, so make it a priority to do whatever is necessary, to build a great home business and to finally achieve what you have been hoping for. Reflect back on the old year and look for the highlights. Don’t dwell on the lows. Make a fresh start.

Wow! It's the end of 2010 already and the start of another new year!

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I love predictions, horoscopes and all that "unreal" stuff and I'm already looking up forecasts for the years ahead, but that's just "playing".

We would really like to know what to do to change our situations and make real money, wouldn't we?

Well, I'm forecasting a couple of big changes for the next year or two.

1) I predict that we will soon be doing everything on our mobile phones. This includes advertising, promoting, searching, music, TV, selling and paying and more. I reckon PCs, Cd and DVD players, websurfing etc will no longer be as we know them, but move to mobile phones. I think all info, indexes, etc will be available on the cellphone and everybody around the world will move in this direction.

2) I predict that the 3 major search engines, namely Google, Yahoo and Bing will strive to change the game in some big way.

3) I predict that social media (maybe even Facebook) will start a new search engine facility.

4) I predict that blogging and article marketing will also change radically and head off in another direction.

5) I predict that the electronic cigarette will be more widely accepted as socially acceptable and embraced as a far healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.

6) I predict that we all become more aware of our ecology and our carbon footprints and huge strides are made in alternative energy.

7) I predict that more people realize the importance of health and start getting fit and watching their diet.

Let's see if I'm right on these points. Remember, you heard it here!

Happy New Year and enjoy your holidays with with the family.

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