Why is it that some people seem intent on destroying our planet?

Some of us are aware of what is needed to preserve our planet for the next generations and are doing our bit to save our part of the world.

Many of us love the outdoors and pursue outdoor sports and adventure such as hiking, camping, mountain climbing, abseiling and more.

One day we may be forced to flee to the hills and survive there for a while.

The time has never been more appropriate. Bad things are happening all around the world and the infrastructure is very fragile. For preppers, realists, adventurers and any outdoors lover, we have a solution. Please support our new South African business The Survivalist.

It is a fully comprehensive and interactive online store selling survival tools, all in one bug out bags, survival packs, long term food rat packs, camping meals, emergency packs, first aid kits and more for surviving emergency situations and extreme adventures.

We have teamed up with some of the leading suppliers in these fields to offer as wide a range as possible.

We have a range of lightweight, dehydrated gourmet meals. No cooking required – just add water and eat.

Typically us South Africans are a pretty apathetic bunch and either think it won’t happen to us, or we are tough and can handle it. When the shirt hits the fan, we will be caught short unless we all have plans, systems and essentials in place.

Apart from the preppers and those afraid of what the future may hold, any extreme sportsperson, adventurer or adrenalin junkie will find something useful in our webstore.