Normal tobacco cigarette smoking is fast becoming the number one most-hated activity worldwide.  Far stricter anti-smoking laws have recently been introduced in many countries, including South Africa and the message from governments is clear. They are saying "Quit smoking, or we are going to make it very tough for you!"

Electronic cigarettes are the latest trend in healthy alternatives to cigarette smoking.  They can be used anywhere and anytime, such as in restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls etc because there is no smoke, no mess and no fire hazard. The exhaled vapour does not smell and has no harmful effects, unlike second-hand cigarette smoke.

Stop Smoking with an ECS Electronic Cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette Suppliers (ECS) are South African retailers and wholesalers of the ECS electronic cigarette, which is the best value for money and the most advanced system available anywhere in Africa.

Electronic cigarettes are an excellent way to stop smoking.  There are many success stories of heavy smokers who managed to quit, after changing to electronic cigarettes. In fact, it gets better. Now you can quit the harmful effects of smoking, without giving up the pleausures derived from smoking.

Popular belief is that smoking is an addiction, but this is not really true. Nicotine is addictive and smoking is a habit. Nicotine has never been proven to be harmful, but causes addiction cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Addictions need to be treated and habits broken. A habit is virtually impossible to stop, but can be substituted rather easily with another habit. An electronic cigarette solves these issues by presenting a new habit very similar to the original and by delivering nicotine to quell the cravings.

There are many advantages to smoking an ECS electronic cigarette. Some of these are:

Enjoy the feeling of smoking, without the risks
Looks and feels the same
Can be used anywhere, anytime
Perfectly safe and legal
Satisfies nicotine cravings

No tar
No chemicals and carcinogens
No second-hand smoke
No unpleasant smell
No filthy ashtrays
No fire hazards
No burn marks
No yellow fingers and stained teeth
No disruptive smoke breaks

How it works:
ECS electronic cigarettes work by atomising a liquid which contains water, propylene glycol, flavourants and nicotine, into a fine mist. This simulates the look, feel and taste of a real tobacco cigarette.
When sucking on the filter of an ECS electronic cigarette, a sensor activates a microswitch, which then triggers a charge from the rechargeable lithium ion battery. This in turn activates the atomiser, or heater element. The liquid contained in the filter or cartomiser is heated to the point where atomisation takes place and a fine mist containing nicotine is released into the mouth. This mist contains no tar, harmful chemicals and carcinogens.

Does it pay to smoke an ECS?
Besides the obvious health benefits, smoking an ECS can also save you money. An ECS electronic cigarette starter pack is a once off expense and thereafter, the monthly cost of smoking is greatly reduced, due to the fact that the cartomisers, containing roughly the same amount of nicotine as one pack of cigarettes, cost only about R15 each. These cartomisers are refillable and each refill costs about R3. These c.alculations do not take other expenses eg: lighters, gum, breath mints etc, not to mention doctors, bronchitis, chest x-rays, medications and the rest?

Does an ECS feel like the real thing?
With each puff on an ECS cigarette, an orange LED light at the end lights up. This mimics the cherry red glow of a real cigarette. The vapour that is created, looks and feels like real smoke as it is inhaled and it also tastes similar to a real cigarette. The fact that the vapour contains nicotine further reinforces the sensation of smoking and satisfies a smokers craving.

Nicotine Addiction
Smokers are addicted to the nicotine contained in tobacco and not to the tobacco itself. Tobacco is known to contain more than 4200 harmful chemicals. These chemicals as well as dangerous carcinogens, (cancer forming agents), carbon monoxide and tar are responsible for lung damage as well as for other dangers associated with smoking.

Smoking an ECS satisfies one's addiction to nicotine, but has no dangerous effects on your health.

Cigarette smoke vs ECS vapour
Cigarette smoke is a deadly mixture of chemicals produced as a result of burning tobacco, glue and paper. Tobacco contains over 600 approved additives and it's smoke releases deadly tar and more than 4000 harmful chemicals, including cyanide, ammonia, lead and benzene. ECS vapour only contains propylene glycol, a common organic compound used as a preservative, which is responsible for the dense vapour and suspension of flavour. The vapour released is basically water vapour, legally allowing you to smoke anywhere.

ECS Refill Liquid and Cartomisers
The average tobacco cigarette lasts approximately 15 puffs. One ECS electronic cigarette cartomiser has the nicotine equivalent to one packet of tobacco cigarettes, or 300 puffs. Therefore one ECS cartomiser has the nicotine equivalent of 5 packets of cigarettes, or 1700 puffs.

How to smoke your ECS
The electronic cigarette should be held in slight horizontal or downward position, as this ensures that the liquid in the cartomiser touches the built-in atomiser and creates a good amount of vapour. Please see the instruction leaflet provided with your ECS Starter Pack, to ensure the correct assembly of your ECS. Batteries should be charged for 6 hours before using your ECS for the first time. Once batteries are low in charge, the LED light will flash to indicate they need recharging. If cartomisers are low, the vapour released will become less dense. When this happens, replace the cartomiser or refill with liquid.

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